Backflow Prevention

The District requires the installation of a Backflow Prevention Device (BFPD) on all new service connections or any existing service connection when, in the opinion of the District, service connection poses a threat to the District's water supply from backflow. A "BFPD" is a device that acts as a check valve, preventing water that has entered your individual service line from backflowing into the District's distribution system.  A "Cross Connection" is a physical connection through which a supply of potable water could be contaminated or polluted.

District's Reponsibilities

Pursuant to the Safe Drinking Water Act, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Article 12 of the Colorado Primary Drinking Water Regulations, it is the regulatory responsibility of the District to:

  • Identify potential hazardous service connections
  • Require the installation of containment devices on identified health hazard service connections, with approved BFPD's
  • Inspect and approve the installation of all BFPD's so required
  • Require the testing and maintenance as necessary upon installation, and at least annually thereafter, of all District required BFPD's by certified cross-connection control technicians.

Cross Connection Control and Backflow Prevention shall be implemented and administered in accord with the District's "Operations Manual – Cross Connection Control". This Manual is on file and may be reviewed at the District's office. The District requires that all BFPD's be tested by a certified technician once a year.

Click Here for a current list of certified technicians or contact our Cross Connection Technician at (970) 242-7491.