Children's Water Festival

Children's Water Festival

Each year over 2,500 fifth grade students assemble to Colorado Mesa University's campus, in Grand Junction, Colorado, to participate in a two day Western Colorado Children's Water Festival. The festival has grown to be recognized as the largest Children's Water Festival in the State of Colorado. The presentations are designed to give students an opportunity to learn about the many different roles water plays in their individual life, their community and the world in which they live.

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Each presentation is structured to the fifth grade learning level which allows the students to retain the information in an eventful and educational manner. We work closely with the local school district along with private schools and home school groups to match the festival experience with their water curriculum. This allows the student to take what they learned in the classroom setting and apply it to the hands-on application they experience at the festival.

Education & Community

Six months out of the year is spent on the coordination of the festival. The local and statewide community's involvement has significantly increased over the years by presenting, volunteering, supplying educational resources and making financial contributions. The 23rd (2016) Annual Children's Water Festival will take place in May. Nearly 350 water experts throughout the State of Colorado, and Canada, will participate in the festivities. Students have an opportunity to learn about water rights, water in the human body, water conservation, water pollution, water safety, water species, water treatment, snow surveys, weather, distribution, the dependency of water in a variety of industries and much more.

For many students, the festival gives them their first opportunity to visit a college campus therefore, introducing the idea of higher education. Students also have the chance to see and experience the variety of water related career opportunities. The event is made possible by the City of Grand Junction, Clifton Water District and Ute Water Conservancy District.

Getting Involved

There are a variety of ways for individuals and/or business to get involved with the festival including, but not limited to, sponsoring, volunteering and presenting.

If you would like additional information on the festival please contact the Western Colorado Children's Water Festival Coordinator, Joseph Burtard.

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The Facebook page will allow all of us to: stay up-to-date on the latest information; join in on conversations taking place; see and share photos of the festival; and most importantly, unify the relationship with the students, teachers, sponsors, presenters and coordinators.

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