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Welcome to Ute Water's Outage Center

Your essential water is our essential work. At Ute Water, we work hard to maintain the freshest supply of water to the residents of the Grand Valley, ensuring outages do not occur. In the rare occurrences they do occur, we’re committed to keeping you up to date and in the know. 


While we work quickly to reinstate water service, you can check this page for updates, along with our Facebook and Twitter feed. You will find all updates are made in the original post. However, as our social channels are not directly tied to our outage reporting system, please report all outages to 970-242-7491.


When your water service is compromised, our crews work 24/7 to get your water back to normal. Depending on the repair, turning the water off may be necessary to keep our crew and the community safe.


In most cases, we will be able to provide an ERT (Estimated Return Time), the length of time we expect it will take to restore your supply after an outage. ERTs are updated accordingly as we get more information, keeping you as up to date as possible.


Does Ute Water know my water is out? 

Why did Ute Water crews leave my neighborhood if I still don’t have water? 

Why does my neighbor have water and I don’t? 

How long will I be without water? 

How does Ute Water decide whose water gets turned back on first?

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