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Tap water is safe during COVID-19 pandemic

Ute Water customers are very fortunate to be first-users of our water. We use the term "first-users" because our primary source water starts as snow pack on the Grand Mesa; is collected in reservoirs; and is stored in our terminal reservoirs - the Jerry Creeks - where it is then transported through our tunnels to our Treatment Plant.

Being first-users of the water not only improves the quality of the water, but also significantly decreases the contaminants we find in our water, including viruses.

Ute Water's terminal reservoirs, Jerry Creek No. 1 and No. 2

Treatment process and water regulations

Ute Water follows drinking water regulations that are established by state and federal health officials designed to stop waterborne pathogens - including viruses like COVID-19 - from contaminating drinking water. Ute Water's treatment process of using chlorine as a primary disinfectant, in conjunction with other robust treatment processes has a long and proven track record of removing and inactivating viruses and pathogens that may be found in water. More information about Ute Water's treatment process can be found here.

COVID-19 is susceptible to Ute Water's treatment process

Based on evidence collected by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, Colorado Department of Public Health, and the Centers for Disease Control and Protection, the direct risk of COVID-19 to public water supply is low.

"Your water is safe and it continues to be safe. You need to be drinking water, you need to be washing your hands, you need to be keeping up on personal hygiene, so, of all the concerns that are out there, your drinking water really shouldn’t be one of them", Ben Hoffman, Treatment Plant Superintendent, told Mesa County residents during the City of Grand Junction's public briefing on April 3rd.

Ben Hoffman, Treatment Plant Superintendent, addresses Mesa County residents at the City of Grand Junction's public briefing on April 3rd.


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