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Help us verify our system as lead-free

Verify your service line.

The District's treated water is lead-free when it leaves our treatment plant and Ute Water has never used lead service lines in our distribution system. Since the District's Rules and Regulations deem the pipe, line, or conduit that transports water from the District's system to an individual house, structure, or parcel as the customer's responsibility, the District has not kept records of the materials used for the privately-owned portion of the water service line. The customer's service line is typically from the water meter to the first point of connection inside the home. 

The revisions to the National Primary Drinking Water Regulation for lead and copper under the Safe Drinking Water Act require that Ute Water maintain an inventory the pipe material for each service connection in the District.

Ute Water is asking for customers' help in updating our records so that we can implement the Lead Reduction Program as efficiently as possible

To determine what the pipe material is entering your home use the photos below to compare your line to the common water line materials used by builders and developers. Then, use the form below to help us complete our records. If you have had your water lines material recently replaced, please let us know in the form below. 

How to find, identify, and submit your service line:

Step 1: Locate your service line

Information on how to locate SL. 

Information on where it is commonly located.

Follow the 3-step process below for a do-it-yourself 



For assistance, have Ute Water staff document your privately-owned portion of water line

Step 2: Identify pipe material

Scratch Test: 

Use the flat edge of a screwdriver to scratch through any paint or corrosion that may have built up on the pipe. If the scraped area is copper in color, like a penny, the line is copper. Take a photo of the pipe to submit to Ute Water below.


Step 3: Record your results

Record Your Results
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