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Why do we want the best water around? Because it’s our water too. For 65 years, we’ve treated the snowmelt found on the Grand Mesa, and a few other sources to make it the freshest we can.  That’s the absolute truth.

Founded by a group of farmers who fought to bring domestic water services to the rural areas of the Grand Valley outlying the Town of Palisade, City of Grand Junction, and the City of Fruita, Ute Water Conservancy District (District) was founded to serve the community with clean, drinkable water. 

Today, Ute Water Conservancy District is recognized as the largest domestic water provider between Denver, Colorado, and Salt Lake City, Utah. 90,000 Grand Valley customers rely on our employees to provide them with high quality water with reliable service.


Because our founders knew a life with out clean water, we're committed to making sure you never do.


The process from capturing freshly fallen snowmelt from the Grand Mesa is one that makes the District unique and is admired by other water providers across the nation. The Grand Mesa, also recognized as the world's largest flattop mesa, is the primary watersheds for the District, and the gravity-fed system that delivers the pristine snowmelt to your tap is unique to

the District. 


Our process isn't perfect, but knowing that some of the best water professionals play an integral role of delivering high-quality water to your tap makes our process one of the best around. Each drop of water that comes out of the tap has originated from the Grand Mesa and is brought to you by dedicated employees who helped capture, move, treat, and distribute the water to your home. 


We don't make the water, but we make sure it gets to you and that's it's safe for you to consume, because Ute Water is our water too. And that's our absolute truth.

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