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Transferring water service into your name or out of your name is a simple process. Please review the information below to start the process. There will be a $12.00 service fee applied on your first monthly bill for transferring the account records.


If you are purchasing or selling a home that is serviced by Ute Water, your water service will automatically be transferred into or out of your name through the title company. Although the title company handles the transfer, we always recommend that you give us a quick call to verify the accuracy of the information we have on file for your account. This will give you a great opportunity to visit with our staff on any questions you may have about your water service. If you are not using a title company for the closing of the property, you will need to provide our Customer Service Representatives with the appropriate documents.


You have two options for transferring the account into your name if you are renting a home that is serviced by Ute Water.


OPTION 1: Provide our Customer Service Representatives with a copy of your signed lease agreement. You can fax, email, or drop it off in the office. 


OPTION 2: Have the owner of the property or the property management company contact our Customer Service Representatives and give them authorization to change the account into your name.


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When calling in to change service, our Customer Service Representatives will be asking the following questions in regards to both options.

1) What name(s) to put the account under?

2) When the property will be occupied or unoccupied?
This question will help them determine what date billing responsibility will change.

3) What is the mailing address you would like the monthly billing statements to be sent to?
In most cases this is the same as the service address.


4) The best phone number to place on the account?
It is important that we have a current phone number on your account at all times. The District relies on this method of contact to notify you in the case that we have a planned outage in your neighborhood. Our Customer Service Representatives may also use this information as security verification on your account before any information is released.

5) If you have any questions about your account with us?
You will be provided with a packet of helpful resources. This packet and your experience with our Customer Service Representative should cover any questions you may have. However, please feel free to contact our office at any time with any future questions that you may have.

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