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Ute Water proudly operates a conventional water treatment facility with chemical flocculation, sedimentation, dual-media filtration, corrosion control, fluoridation and disinfection. There are multiple source waters available to Ute Water, but the preferred sources are the Jerry Creek Reservoirs on the Grand Mesa.


Aluminum sulfate and cationic polymer are added to the raw water for coagulation. Coagulated particles are allowed to settle out before going to the dual media filters. The filters effectively remove particulate.

Filtered water enters the clear well where caustic soda is added to increase pH for optimization of chloramination and corrosion control. Ammonia is added as water exits the clear well for chloramination. Throughout the treatment process, analyzers, level gauges, and other monitoring equipment are in place to continuously monitor and alert personnel of changing conditions. Finished water is then introduced to the distribution system.


The Water Quality Dashboard is a snapshot of the District's water quality each week. The dashboard is updated each Friday before 5:00 p.m. and the information is reflective of the previous week's water quality. 

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Why do we want the best water around? Because it’s our water too. For 65 years, we’ve treated the snowmelt found on the Grand Mesa, and a few other sources to make it the freshest we can.  That’s the absolute truth.

Because our founders knew a life with out clean water, we're committed to making sure you never do.

The process from capturing freshly fallen snowmelt from the Grand Mesa is one that makes the District unique and is admired by other water providers across the nation. The Grand Mesa, also recognized as the world's largest flattop mesa, is the primary watersheds for the District, and the gravity-fed system that delivers the pristine snowmelt to your tap is unique to the District. 


Each drop of water that comes out of the tap has originated from the Grand Mesa and is brought to you by dedicated employees who helped capture, move, treat, and distribute the water to your home. 


We don't make the water, but we make sure it gets to you and that's it's safe for you to consume, because Ute Water is our water too.


And that's our absolute truth.

Water Quality Reports


Ute Water Conservancy District produces an annual Water Quality Report in accordance with the State of Colorado and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA). These reports are also recognized as Consumer Confident Reports. The annual Water Quality Report can be found below, or a paper copy can be requested by contacting the District. The Water Quality Report is a great resource to learn more about the District's treatment process and the substances that are tested for in drinking water. 

Water providers are required to include the data collected in a full calendar year. Therefore, the latest report available will be from the prior calendar year.

If you have any questions about the Water Quality Reports or would like to request a hard copy, please contact us here or download the reports below.

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