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  • G Road from 24 Road to Spanish Trail Subdivision - May 2021
    This project is in coordination with the City of Grand Junction. The City of Grand Junction is planning on widening 24 Road from Patterson to I-70 and installing a roundabout at G Road. Ahead of their construction, the District will install 2,000 feet of 8-inch PVC pipe and fire hydrants. Traffic control will be implemented for this project.
  • Loma Area Upgrade - June 2021
    This project will improve domestic and fire flows through the installation of 12,200 feet of 8-inch PVC pipe. Traffic control will be implemented for this project.
  • North Avenue from 29 Road to I-70 Business Loop - July 2021
    Ahead of CDOT's improvements to North Avenue, the District will uprgrade the exsisting line with 7,000 feet of 8-inch PVC pipe. Traffic control and night work will be implemented for this project. Eastbound and westbound traffic are expected to be impacted.
  • 18 1/2 Road from L 3/4 to M 1/2 Road - October 2021
    The District will be upgrading 4,020 feet of existing 2-inch PVC with 8-inch PVC from L 3/4 Road to M 1/2 Road north of Fruita. This project will include new fire hydrants as well as service connections. Traffic control will be utilized in this project.
  • Northside Main Infrastructure Improvement - March 2021
    UPDATE 3/3 11:59 PM: While loading the line, the 8-inch bypass that was a part of the new infrastructure upgrade developed a leak. Crews are working through the night to repair the leak and hoping to begin reinstating water at 6:00 AM. UPDATE 3/2 7:07 PM: Crews are finalizing the infrastructure upgrade and will begin loading the line. Due to the size of the line, it will take close to two hours for the line to fully load and for water service to be fully reinstated. Once water service is reinstated, customers throughout the valley may experience water that appears "cloudy". This is due to excess air in the line and will dissipate as water is used. The water is completely safe to drink and consume. Ute Water Conservancy District (District) has planned a water outage for 8:00 AM until 11:00 PM on Tuesday, March 2nd, 2021. The water outage will be isolated to approximately six homes in the areas of Channing Way, Hickman Road, 37 9/10 Road, and G 7/10 Road in Palisade, but customers in higher elevations throughout the valley, specifically the Redlands area, can expect low water pressure or a possible water outage during the planned time frame. The six homes in Palisade directly impacted by this outage will receive a phone call from the District on Monday. The planned water outage is a result of the District installing new waterline infrastructure on its existing Northside Transmission Main to facilitate future capital improvement projects, as well as operation and maintenance of existing infrastructure. Due to the magnitude and duration of the outage, the District is encouraging residents in higher elevations to prepare for low water pressure or the possibility of a water outage from 8:00 AM until 11:00 PM on Tuesday, March 2nd, 2021. Customers should consider filling pitchers of water or purchasing water to use for domestic purposes. Once water supply and pressure is restored, customers throughout the valley may experience water that appears “cloudy”, which is the result of excess air in the water line. This air will dissipate with time and water use. The water is safe to use and consume. Updates during the outage will be made on the District’s Facebook (Ute Water) and Twitter (@UteWater) pages. Customers can also visit the District’s website ( for more information.
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