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The District uses a multi-tiered, increasing block water rate system which means the more water a customer uses over the initial minimum, the more they are going to be charged. This rate schedule format is consistent with most domestic water providers across the State of Colorado. Ute Water utilizes a full-cost pricing approach when evaluating water rates. The District's primary source of revenue is from monthly water sales. The revenue from water sales is expected to cover all operations, maintenance, and replacement costs of the existing system while preparing for future demands and upgrades to the system. Additional revenue includes water tap fees, which are driven by growth. If you have questions about our water rates, please feel free to contact the District Office.

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Customers have the option to receive their bills electronically. Customers must create an online account using our third-party vendor, Xpress Bill Pay. Your online account will allow you to view and manage your utility bill. Please have your Ute Water account number handy when creating your online account. 

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Sample of Residential Rates:

An average family of four will use approximately 9,000 gallons of domestic water per month.

To figure that bill, add the base fees to the usage fees.

Minimum base fee:

The first 3,000 gallons cost $26.00.

Usage fee:

The next 6,000 gallons would cost $4.25 per 1,000 gallons, totaling $25.50 ($4.25 x 6,000).


The monthly bill for 9,000 gallons would be $26.00 + $25.50 = $51.50.

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